Service & Facilities

Amoy Plaza provides many value-added services to customers, making every shopping experience an enjoyable one. Please contact (852) 2756 6722 for enquires.

ATM Machines Ground Floor
Car Park (close to 440 parking spaces) L1 - L2 (Phase 1 & 2)
L3 - L4 (Phase 3 & 4)
Exhibition & Event Venue Atrium at Ground Floor of Phase 1
Ground Floor of Phase 1 
Atrium at L1 of Phase 1
Atrium at L1 of Phase 2
Atrium at L2 of Phase 1
First Aid Ground Floor Concierge
Lost and Found Ground Floor Concierge
Parking Privileges Ground Floor Concierge/ L2 Shroff Office
Recycling Bins Ground Floor, L1
Washroom for Disabled Ground Floor, L1, L2
Baby Care Room L1, L2